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Welcome to the South East Nordic Tugs Owners' Association (SENTOA) list. The SENTOA list is open only to Nordic Tug owners and prospective owners, as well as invited guests who have a professional connection to Nordic Tugs. 


Subscribing to the SENTOA List

In order to subscribe to the SENTOA list please go to

and follow the instructions.

How to Use the SENTOA List

The SENTOA list is intended to facilitate communication among Nordic Tug owners in a simple but effective way. In effect, what one posts to the list, all subscribers receive as email either immediately or overnight for those subscribers using the digest feature. In order to post, send a message to

If you want to reply to an email, in the interest of making the list more readable and to help those subscribers who have bandwidth limitations aboard their tugs, please do not automatically quote the entire previous message when adding comments in a thread. Quote only what is necessary for understanding or continuity and do not inlcude attachments or photographs.

Please do not use all CAPS in your messages to the list. All CAPS is considered shouting and is considered bad form.

As there are so many other sources of information about viruses and as virus warnings are not related to Nordic Tugs please do not post any virus warnings.

How to Search the SENTOA Archives

You are able to search the SENTOA archives using Google.

1.  Go to

2.  Enter the following search string, replacing the word Keyword with the actual word or words that you want to search for.

Keyword SENTOA

For example, if you want to find posts about the Cummins 220 engine, type:

Cummins 220 SENTOA

3.  A list of messages in the archives will be displayed by Google.  Click on the title of the desired message to read the original.

How to Change Your Email Address for the SENTOA Listserv

1.  To change the email address under which you are subscribed to the SENTOA listserv, go to the following website:

2.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the “Sentoa Subscribers” section and click the Unsubscribe or edit options button.

3.  On the next page, enter the email address for your current subscription (your old address) and enter your password.  Click the Log in button.

If you don’t remember your password, enter your email address and click the Remind button.  Your password will be emailed to you.

4.  Once you have logged in, enter your new email address in the “Changing your Sentoa membership information” section. 

5.  Enter your new email address a second time for confirmation and click the Change My Address and Name button.

6.  Check to make sure all of your other subscription information and settings are correct. 

7.  When done, be sure to click the “Submit My Changes” button at the bottom of the page.

How to Unsubscribe from the SENTOA List

In order to unsubscribe from the SENTOA list go to

scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the instructions under the heading "Unsubscribe."


1) The list is open to all current, previous and prospective Nordic Tug owners. The list is sponsored by the South East Nordic Tug Owners Association (SENTOA). Please forward a $15 voluntary annual contribution to:

c/o L Kirk Glenn
51 Harbour Passage
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

2) Let's keep the topics to Nordic Tugs, cruising, maintenance, etc.

3) No commercial posting, advertising or any form of commercial solicitation material with the exception of posting your Nordic Tug for sale notice or equipment that is on board.

4) No attachments of any type. Remember that some people may be accessing the list at low bandwidth.

5) No profanity; or material that is vulgar, obscene or indecent; threats; abusive language; statements that are racially offensive, bigoted or hateful.

6) No posting of unauthorized copyrighted material.

7) No material that advocates illegal activity or discusses illegal activities.

8) Be sure of your facts. The laws against libel pertain to the SENTOA list. Do not allege fraud or any other criminal action, wrongdoing or negligence in a post to the list or label anyone a fraud or a thief in a post to the list. When in doubt do not post.

9) When you post please include your name, the name of the boat and hailing port and the hull number and model number at the end of your email. Do not include any other signature blocks. For example:

John Doe
Any Where, FL

10) Nordic Tug dealers and Nordic Tugs factory personnel are welcomed to subscribe to the list.

11) Nautical vendors and suppliers of boating equipment can subscribe based on an invitation from the administrative team. Vendors and suppliers invited to subscribe to the list must adhere to the "no commercial" policies of the SENTOA list and must identify their commercial affiliation at the end of their postings. The administrative team will invite to the list those vendors and suppliers whose products, services, equipment, etc. would be of interest to Nordic Tug owners or who could contribute specialized knowledge.

12) By subscribing to the SENTOA list you agree to not attempt to use subscriber addresses for mass mailing purposes or any commercial solicitation and you further agree that any violation of the SENTOA rules will be cause for terminating your subscription to the SENTOA list.

13) If you are going to utilize auto-reply messages or out of the office messages please unsubscribe from the list and then resubscribe upon your return.

The Administrative Team

The Administrative Team is here to help you in navigating through the list features and also to monitor and enforce the list rules. The rules for the list are simple and are intended to make the list a powerful resource for Nordic Tug owners without the burden of commercial postings or other unwanted or undesirable material.
The administrative team is as follows:

Herb Nickles ( — Herb and his wife, Wendy, do their boating in New England, are retired information technology professionals, previously owned NT37-049 and NT32-225, Snorri.

Rick Quarles ( — Rick is an experienced Nordic Tug owner as well as an active participant in the Trawler World list. Rick home base is in New Bern, NC.

Chip Worster ( — Chip and his wife were the first SENTOA co-presidents, own the NT 26 Chip Ahoy, and cruise out of Satellite Beach, FL.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to make the list a better resource please let one of the administrative team know.


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